Substantive Acts Passed in the Year
WARNING: The list below presents the historical initial release version [1] of each Act, and may not be the current version. All CURRENT Acts are grouped under the CURRENT menu.
Short Title
Gas Regulation (Amendment) Act 2021 
Manx Care Act 2021 
Communications Act 2021 
Medicines (Amendment) Act 2021 
Elections and Meetings (Local Authorities) Act 2021 
International Maritime Standards Act 2021 
Beneficial Ownership (Amendment) Act 2021 
Council of Ministers (Amendment) Act 2021 
Companies (Amendment) Act 2021 
Sexual Offences and Obscene Publications Act 2021 
Justice Reform Act 2021 
International Co-operation (Protection from Liability) Act 2021 
Human Tissue and Organ Donation Act 2021 
Sky Lanterns and Balloons (Prohibition) Act 2021 
Statute Law Revision Act 2021 
Church (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure (Isle of Man) 2021 
Church Property Measure (Isle of Man) 2021 

Recent Repealed Acts

Registration of Business Names (Amendment) Act 2020
Isle of Man Loans (Amendment) Act 2020
Regulation of Care (Amendment) Act 2020
Children and Young Persons (Amendment) Act 2020
Limitation (Childhood Abuse) Act 2020


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